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    Updated on 27 Oct 2019. Posted on 24 Oct 2019

    Just 17 Reasons Why Adam Driver Is A Flaming Ball Of Raw, Undisputed, Sexual Energy

    Cradle me tenderly in your mighty oak arms, Adam.

    1. Because his face is a rich tapestry that you could get lost in for hours.

    Michelangelo Shmangelo...THIS, right here, is my David.

    2. Because his entrancing face is also conveniently attached to this ADONIS BODY.


    I feel safe in the shadow of your mountain-like form.

    3. Because he can ~werk~ just about any 'do — including this sandy-blonde number.


    Jet black, flirty blonde, spicy ginger — I'll try 'em all.

    4. Because, like a sexy Siren, his hypnotic voice could lure you to your grave and you would be 100% okay with it.


    Whatever the question, the answer is yes. A thousand times yes.

    5. Because you just know that he's a team player who would have your back 110% of the time.


    Insecurities? Forget about 'em. Adam believes in me, therefore I believe in me.

    6. Because his steely-yet-tender gaze could melt the iciest of hearts.

    I surrender my mind, body and soul to you.

    7. Because he is the galactic Darcy that we all desperately need.

    Don't even try and tell me that Disney's Star Wars reboot is not just Pride & Prejudice in space.


    Yeahhh, let me watch you eat mangoes.

    9. Because the way that cotton clings to his perfect form should be ILLEGAL.

    Let me burrow into your cleavage and die.

    10. Because not even glasses can detract from this raw, sexual dynamo.

    Not even fuck boi glasses can bring him down.

    11. Because his giant paws could cradle you like a small child.

    What stories those hands could tell.

    12. Because this photoset exists.

    Is there room for two in that sweater?

    13. Because he is a dog-person and there ain't no truer determination of character than a genuine love of puppers.

    Just put me on a leash, Adam.

    14. Because even with just one arm, he's still oozes major protector-vibes.

    *Italian chef kiss.*

    15. Because ultra-high pants never looked better.

    Hoist 'em higher, you glorious space yeti.

    16. Because, honestly, why wouldn't you want to chew his face off?

    Women get paid to do this.

    17. And finally, because even when he's disguised as a geriatric, 10/10 would bang.


    Dont @ me. I am who I am.

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