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    For Everyone Who Can't Make Their Mind Up About Harry On "Too Hot To Handle"

    Shag, marry or kill?

    Netflix's latest hit, Too Hot To Handle, is the majestic trash fire of reality TV dreams: 10 horny singles are trapped in a house together, but are forbidden from kissing, groping, shagging and all forms of self-gratification.


    It's like Love Island meets 40 Days and 40 Nights.

    Contestants hail from all around the world, including one Aussie representative in the form of Harry Jowsey — a 23-year-old from Queensland, whose signature catchphrase seems to be, "Hello, all you naughty little possums."


    And if that doesn't chill you to your bones, I don't know what will.

    Without spoiling anything, I think it's safe to say the internet is somewhat divided when it comes to their opinion of young, cheeky Hazza.

    So I’m deep in too hot to handle - Harry is an absolute Satan. The king of little shits - date me. #TooHotToHandle

    In pro-Harry camp, you've got a bevy of horny admirers who pretty much just want to break all the rules with him:

    just started too hot to handle and i only have one thing to say whenever harry shows up

    As many brain cells I loose from Too Hot to Handle, Harry is truly the only reason I’m into this show 👉🏼👈🏼🥺

    I would marry Harry from “Too Hot To Handle” right now

    Anyone seen too hot to handle on Netflix???? I just need to people to agree with me that Harry is a literal angel sent from heaven 😍🤤

    Okay so, Harry, from “Too Hot To Handle” is 6’5, Australian, and the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. So there’s that

    I am OBSESSED with Harry’s cute ass off of Too Hot to Handle. GEEZ🥵 @toohotnetflix

    But in the opposing team, you've got a big, ol' group of very vocal viewers who just can't stand him:

    Started watching too hot to handle and no offence to Harry but I can’t think of a single girl who’s vagina wouldn’t shrivel up immediately upon being called “butter chicken” or a “naughty little possum”

    Harry is a toxic piece of shit in too hot to handle he is actually the depiction of how cheeky chaps use their charm to get women then lie about the whole situation and THEN have the audacity to play the victim, a big twat :))

    Is anyone else watching Too Hot to Handle able to tell me how Harry’s Augustus Gloop looking ass was able to pull Francesca

    Harry for Too Hot to Handle is a huge f**king tool. And the fact that he got away with his bullshit from day one is amazing to me. #facts

    I really liked Harry on Too Hot To Handle untill he mentioned that him and Francesca went together like pineapple on pizza, clapped Cunt #TooHotToHandle #ToHotToHandle

    No matter your opinion, there's no denying the young lad has attracted plenty of attention for his role — racking up over a million followers on Insta.

    So, if you haven't caught his antics yet, you better get streaming, ya naughty lil' possums.


    I hate myself for saying it.

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