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    15 Environmental Buys For Anyone Who Considers Themselves An Eco-Warrior

    Online shopping you can feel good about.

    1. Swap out your store-bought TP for this sustainable, enviro-conscious stuff by How We Roll.


    How We Roll is an Australian-born and environmentally-friendly company that creates guilt-free, sustainable toilet paper that you can order on subscription, to be delivered straight to your door.

    You can get 48 rolls of 3 Ply Double Length TP for just $45 USD ($49.50 AUD) — which works out to roughly a buck per roll!

    2. And while you're there, consider getting some more eco-friendly dog poop bags.


    Clean up your pooch’s waste too with 100% certified compostable and biodegradable dog poop bags. You can grab a 15-pack for just $2.52 USD ($2.80 AUD).

    Promising review: "Best eco dog poop bags I've used! Trying to open environmentally friendly dog poo bags has been a massive struggle in my life and one that How We Roll has fixed. They open easy, excellent value for money and are also kinda cute. Definitely recommend buying them."

    Sam K.

    3. Get your hands on a reusable coffee cup right now. Like seriously, this is long overdue.

    @liveclean eatwell / Instagram / Via

    It's estimated that Aussies toss out one billion coffee cups each year, which is a pretty sobering statistic. Do your bit towards minimising that waste and get yourself a reusable cup — before your next flat white.

    We understand that not all cafes in Australia are accepting reusable cups right now, but it's still a great way to take your coffee beans on-the-go.

    Get it from Amazon Australia for $26.

    4. Trade in one-use cling film for reusable beeswax wraps.


    One of the biggest sources of waste in our homes is the plastic we keep our food in. Beeswax wraps are natural, anti-bacterial alternatives which can replace both cling film and plastic storage containers.

    Get it from Amazon Australia for $17.95 (six pack).

    5. Or, if you're vegan, these vegetable wax food wraps.


    All natural, sustainable and bee-friendly.

    Get it from Amazon Australia for $26.95 (four pack).

    6. Swap out paper towels for sustainable wipes you can reuse again and again.


    Breathe a little easier knowing you're doing your bit for Mother Nature. These microfiber cleaning cloths won't scratch surfaces, are lint-free, non-abrasive and so easy to wash. They absorb more water and dry faster than cotton, which means you don't have to worry about them sitting around damp in your kitchen sink, slowly growing mould.

    Get it from Amazon Australia for $17.99 (12 pack).

    7. Ditch plastic straws for reusable straws.


    Australians use about 10 million plastic straws every day, which ultimately end up in landfills and oceans around Oz. Pack one of these lil' guys in your handbag and you'll be sipping smoothies guilt-free.

    Get it from Amazon Australia for $19.99 (four pack).

    8. Get rid of plastic brushes and sponges in the kitchen for good, with the Eco Brush Set.

    Seed & Sprout

    Did you know most brushes, even ones labelled "eco", use either plastic bristles or animal hair bristles? No thank you! We want it all natural and with no animal byproducts please. So we love these Seed & Sprout brushes — the handles are made out of sustainable bamboo, with 100% plant fibre for the bristles.

    You get five brushes including an oval scrubbing brush, a dish washer, a pot scrubber, a vegetable brush (with the round handle) and a bottle brush 100% plant-fibre, non-plastic bristles

    Promising review: "Amazing! These brushes are absolutely beautiful, I’ve been looking for eco friendly brushes for so long and this set has every brush I could ever need, the perfect set."

    Deanah Arcifa, Seed & Sprout

    Get it from Seed & Sprout for $79.

    9. If you haven't already jumped onboard the plastic-free shopping movement, get yourself some eco-friendly shopping bags.

    Seed & Sprout

    Get used to toting this lightweight set of certified organic cotton reusable shopping bags (maybe even stash a spare set in your boot) and you'll never be stuck using plastic again! This 14-piece set means you'll be able to carry everything from bulk glass food jars to fresh fruit and veg and every imaginable grocery item without them all bashing into each other.

    Promising review: "I love this bundle. The shipping was very quick and super impressed with the quality of the grocery shopping bags. I took them for a test run at my local green grocer and was able to carry all of my shopping within these bags. I also received quite a few compliments about how cute these bags look. It was my first time I didn't have to use those plastic bags for my fruit. Highly recommend to all!"

    Sarah, Seed & Sprout

    Get it from Seed & Sprout for $99.

    10. Or, grab this nine-piece shopping bag set that's made from organic cotton.


    The set comes with one large canvas bag that features six deep internal pockets, two bread bags and six cotton mesh produce bags in varying sizes depending on what you're popping in them.

    Get it from Amazon Australia for $29.90.

    11. If you're a parent, consider swapping to reusable diapers.


    A staggering 3.75 million disposable nappies are used every day in Oz and NZ, which translates to a hell of a lot of shit in our landfills.

    These Mama Koala Nappies are waterproof and breathable, super soft and stay dry — which means less leaks and messes.

    Get it from Amazon Australia for $69.99 for six cloth diapers with six inserts.

    12. Swap out your chemical-laden, environmentally-harmful stuff, for this zero waste laundry liquid.

    The Dirt Company

    The Dirt Company was founded on the belief that sustainable household products could work so well, that people would fall in love with them. So they formulated a product using pure and powerful ingredients and bare minimum packaging — to deliver an innovative, useful and thoughtful product, that's good for the earth and will sit damn pretty on your washing machine.

    The brand has also just released a delicate wash, perfectly designed for silks, wools and other precious fabrics. The Delicate Wash is 100% biodegradable, grey water safe, vegan and cruelty free.

    Get the range from The Dirt Company starting from $16.95+.

    13. Put your food scraps to good use with an in-kitchen compost bin.


    The perfect natural fertiliser for your plant babies.

    Get it from Amazon Australia for $32.

    14. Stop buying water and get yourself a stainless steel water bottle.


    It's 2020 and if you're still paying for plastic bottles of water you need to be stopped.

    Get it from Amazon Australia for $14.99.

    15. These spiky dryer balls that will make sure your pillows stay fluffy when you wash them — and cut down your drying time.


    These dryer balls allow for better air circulation when you use them — which means they'll cut down on drying time, making them better for the environment. They'll also soften your clothes without the need for chemicals.

    Buy a set of four from Amazon Australia for $20.36.

    16. And finally, let your clothes air dry more — rather than relying solely on your tumble dryer.


    And honestly, in the Australian summer, you never really have an excuse to say "Oh, I'll just tumble dry this load."

    Get it from Amazon Australia for $129.95.