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    15 Environmental Buys For Anyone Who Considers Themselves An Eco-Warrior

    Online shopping you can feel good about.

    1. Swap out your store-bought TP for this sustainable, enviro-conscious stuff by How We Roll.

    2. And while you're there, consider getting some more eco-friendly dog poop bags.

    3. Get your hands on a reusable coffee cup right now. Like seriously, this is long overdue.

    4. Trade in one-use cling film for reusable beeswax wraps.

    5. Or, if you're vegan, these vegetable wax food wraps.

    6. Swap out paper towels for sustainable wipes you can reuse again and again.

    7. Ditch plastic straws for reusable straws.

    8. Get rid of plastic brushes and sponges in the kitchen for good, with the Eco Brush Set.

    9. If you haven't already jumped onboard the plastic-free shopping movement, get yourself some eco-friendly shopping bags.

    10. Or, grab this nine-piece shopping bag set that's made from organic cotton.

    11. If you're a parent, consider swapping to reusable diapers.

    12. Swap out your chemical-laden, environmentally-harmful stuff, for this zero waste laundry liquid.

    13. Put your food scraps to good use with an in-kitchen compost bin.

    14. Stop buying water and get yourself a stainless steel water bottle.

    15. These spiky dryer balls that will make sure your pillows stay fluffy when you wash them — and cut down your drying time.

    16. And finally, let your clothes air dry more — rather than relying solely on your tumble dryer.