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8 Before And Afters That Capture The Effect Of The Aussie Bushfires This Summer

Wow, blue sky? In summer?? What a throwback.

1. Last summer, you'd only ever be caught wearing a face mask to a festival — for that ~desert chic~ aesthetic.

2. Versus this summer, when you pretty much have to wear one for any outdoor activity. Particularly if you live on the East Coast of Australia.

3. Last summer, you probably enjoyed the warm kiss of our lord and saviour, the sun, as you basked in her golden rays.

4. Versus this summer, when you quiver in fear under the rays of a post-apocalyptic, blood-red sun.

5. Last summer, Bondi was the glittering, aquamarine jewel in Sydney's illustrious crown.

6. Versus this summer, when Bondi more often resembles a smoky, red-soaked snapshot of Satan's den.

7. Last summer, Durras North was a lush and green coastal escape, that you could road-trip to for a weekend of R&R.

8. Versus this summer, when the area fell victim to the horrors of the South Coast bushfires and the iconic headland went up in flames.

9. Last summer, the biggest koala-related news was when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited Taronga Zoo for that Insta-perfect shot.

10. Versus this summer, when the news is more focused on how the bushfires have resulted in the tragic loss of tens of thousands of koala lives.

11. Last summer, Kangaroo Island was a thriving, leafy paradise — with a huge overgrowth of native flora.

12. Versus this summer, when the island more closely resembles a literal highway to hell.

13. Last summer, there was nothing quite as spectacular as seeing Melbourne from the sky.

14. Versus this summer, when you can barely make the city out some days.

15. And finally, last summer, you probably spent your nights beachside and carefree — enjoying every last drop of those deliciously hot temps.

16. Versus this summer, when you spend your nights doing every damn thing possible to ensure we never have another summer like this again.