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    20 Years Later, "Deltora Quest" Remains The Best Fantasy Book Series Ever Written

    Forget about Harry Potter, these books had it all.

    Cast your mind back with me, gentle reader: The year is 2000, Australia is hosting the Olympics, Neopets is just beginning to take off and you've got a mighty ten dollar bill jammed in your pocket for the Scholastic Book Fair.


    After perusing the latest Baby-Sitters Club book, you stumble upon a treasure beyond your wildest dreams: An unfamiliar, eerie and, above all, exciting book, that promises to take you on a quest filled with danger, glory and friendship.


    I am speaking, of course, about the moment you laid eyes on the very first book in Emily Rodda's epic Deltora Quest series — The Forests of Silence.

    Book cover of the first Deltora Quest book.

    And thus, your love affair with Deltora Quest began.

    For those of you not in-the-know, let me fill you in. Set in the mystical realm of Deltora, the series followed three teens as they endeavoured to recover seven magical gems which would complete the Belt of Deltora — giving them the power to defeat the evil Shadow Lord.

    A pile of every book in the Deltora Quest series.
    Instagram / danielle_the_tassie_bookworm / Via

    Deltora Quest was so damn popular that it actually expanded into three distinct series of children's fantasy books, but right now I'm only discussing the OG (and vastly superior) books.

    The spine of each book displayed the Belt of Deltora, which would acquire a different gemstone after each battle was won.

    The books spines of the Deltora Quest series, showing the gemstones.
    Instagram / nicolinemoellerauthor / Via

    And let me tell you, as a kid, there was no greater high to chase than working your way through each book so that you could build up the belt.

    Like all the best book series ever written, this one began with a map, outlining the lay of the land in Deltora.

    The inside map of the Deltora land.
    Instagram / nicolinemoellerauthor / Via

    And oh lord, when you opened the book onto this bad boy, you knew you were in for the adventure of a lifetime.

    As well as teaching kids the importance of patience, perseverance and loyalty, the Deltora series also imparted some pretty epic lessons regarding politics, gambling and environmentalism.

    A pile of books from the Deltora Quest series.
    Instagram / starlitreads / Via

    These books didn't just entertain, they inspired.

    And author, Emily Rodda, wouldn't leave you hanging — waiting anxiously for years in between books. Nah, our Queen dropped a few books every year between 2000-2002.


    20 long years may have passed, but I, for one, will never forget the incredible adventures I took with Lief, Barda and Jasmine.

    20th Century

    So catch me re-reading the whole series again from scratch.

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