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    A South Australian Council Just Banned Having More Than Two Cats Per Property And I APPLAUD THEM

    BRB, booking my one-way flight to Adelaide.

    Hear ye hear ye, crazy cat people of Oz!

    South Australia just made a helluva lot of feline enemies, with Mount Barker council in Adelaide moving to introduce a strict limit of two cats per property.

    And not to be ~controversial~ or anything…but I AM HERE FOR IT.

    That’s right, gentle reader — not all BuzzFeeders love the demon spawn you call the common house cat.

    I, for one, think Mount Barker is obviously a hot box of Australia's most revolutionary minds.

    From 2020, cat owners in the area will have to register their pets with the council and make sure they're locked indoors between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m.

    Owners can also be fined if their cats are caught killing native wildlife, or shitting all over neighbours' properties.

    Ann Ferguson, the mayor of Mount Barker, says the crackdown has come about because of community outcry about the behaviour of local cats.

    So if you were planning on settling in as Mount Barker's resident cat lady, looks like you might need to relocate to a more feline-friendly postcode.