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This 17-Year-Old Girl Gave Her Dad A Makeover And He Looked So Freakin' Fierce

Why is this dad prettier than I'll ever be?

Meet Gisela Villa, a 17-year-old self-taught makeup master, and her dad, Lucio.

Lucio recently let Gisela give him a makeover, and it is 🔥 EVERYTHING. 🔥

Gisela posted the results on Twitter.

And people everywhere were slain.

When Lucio finally looked in the mirror, "he was in shock" and "just laughed," Gisela said.

Gisela said contouring was her favorite part of the makeover "because his face totally changed."

While most responses have been overwhelmingly positive, Gisele said she's gotten a few negative comments about "how makeup should only be for girls." But she and Lucio don't pay them much mind.

Gisela said her dad is "very funny, laid-back, and loving" and is incredibly supportive of her passion for makeup.