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    15 Great Tweets That Were Stolen This Week

    Now go unfollow a parody account.

    Every week, Twitter accounts recycle other people's viral tweets in an effort to build their own brand and make money. They call themselves "parody accounts," and as these tweet-stealing accounts grow, they can use their audience as a bargaining tool for ads they tuck between the viral tweets.

    So, without further ado: Here are some of the best tweets that got stolen this week, so you can retweet them from the source.


    mike: "i can't believe it....." sully: "oh mike..." mike: "i'm on a t shirt!!!!!"

    @checka_bookout / Twitter / Via Twitter: @checka_bookout


    Me saying "I'm back on my bullshit", but I was never off it.

    @lancyloot / Twitter / Via Twitter: @lancyloot


    @kate_the_fox / Twitter / Via Twitter: @kate_the_fox


    its been 84 years but leonardo dicaprio and kate winslet are still out here playing with my weak shipper heart

    @haarleyquin / Twitter / Via Twitter: @haarleyquin


    @shardaebriann / Twitter / Via Twitter: @shardaebriann


    Chameleons are fun cause they'll grab anything you give them.

    @Emma_The_Ward / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Emma_The_Ward


    i love calling ppl "b" cus they never know what u mean. bitch? babe? barnacle boy? they'll never know

    @vitacocoa / Twitter / Via Twitter: @vitacocoa


    Me after I go on a shopping spree to try and make myself feel better but I still don't feel better and now I'm broke

    @bbylychee / Twitter / Via Twitter: @bbylychee


    @DanuelFetizanan / Twitter / Via Twitter: @DanuelFetizanan


    i was excited for the solar eclipse but this made me so sad

    @tiffauy / Twitter / Via Twitter: @tiffauy


    I am a: 🔘 Man ⚪️ Woman Looking for: ⚪️ Men ⚪️ Women 🔘 my super suit TELL ME WHERE MY SUIT IS WOMAN WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE GREATER GOOD

    @michaellbutlerr / Twitter / Via Twitter: @michaellbutlerr


    me every night ignoring my sleeping schedule & choosing to run through traumatic thoughts & what I would do in extr…

    @jyoungwhite / Twitter / Via Twitter: @jyoungwhite


    me on my resume: im friendly, outgoing, and have a bright, bubbly personality! me at the interview:

    @avacadogirl / Twitter / Via Twitter: @avacadogirI


    this goes for your pets + babies + your eyes!!! please be careful. it's from about 1-4 pm on Monday

    @babyzooted / Twitter / Via Twitter: @babyzooted


    @MaudBernab / Twitter / Via Twitter: @MaudBernab