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This Pregnant Pole Dancer’s Pole Routine Is Jaw-Droppingly Badass

Nothing wrong with a little (baby) bump and grind.

The last trimester of pregnancy is a time when a lot of people probably don't feel their sexiest. Jill McLean (aka Cleo the Hurricane), a 36-year-old pole dancer from Australia, was just not down with that.

@cleothehurricane / / Via

"I absolutely LOVE being pregnant (for the most part), but I have also never felt so unsexy as I do today (especially in the last trimester)," she wrote on her blog. "I have been CRAVING and LOVING that feeling of putting on my heels, a sexy song and pole dancing... just to feel sexy again."

So, that's exactly what she did.

Cleo The Hurricane / Via Facebook: cleothehurricanerocks

McLean shared a video of her dance routine on Facebook, and people are seriously loving it.

Which isn't surprising, considering the general badassery of it.

Cleo The Hurricane / Via Facebook: cleothehurricanerocks


She even threw a few tummy-rubbin' moves into the mix.

Cleo The Hurricane / Via Facebook: cleothehurricanerocks

While McLean didn't completely stop pole dancing during her pregnancy, she did take a break from upside-down and aerial tricks, according to her blog.

"I take my pregnancy VERY seriously and would never put on a pair of 7 or 8" heels if I wasn't completely comfortable and confident in them," she wrote. "To be honest I am more clumsy at home barefoot than I am in a studio with sky-high stilettos on."

She also took these epic photos in a sexy cop costume.

@cleothehurricane / / Via


McLean gave birth this past week to a baby boy named John.

@cleothehurricane / / Via

Comments have been predominantly positive, but have been a handful from people who "think that a pregnant woman on a pole is disrespectful to their body and to their baby," McLean wrote on her blog, but she said she doesn't pay the negativity much mind.

"This is how I express myself and I'm sure my son is gonna think his mum rocks when we bring out these pics on his 21st birthday!" she said.

"I am not going to write a speech justifying what I do, as a pole dancer and now as a soon-to-be-mother," she wrote. "But I will say this... As women we all want to feel sexy, this is how I feel sexy."

@cleothehurricane / / Via

"Yes, what I do is still considered 'taboo' to some people who don't know any better, but to me, it is STRENGTH and my PASSION and that is all that matters," she wrote.