This Airbnb Is A “Netflix And Chill” Utopia

It’s a meme come true.

1. So, your crush is coming over, and you need a subtle way to make your intentions clear.

2. This Airbnb room should get the point across:

Kao Cheng Kai / Via

The one-bedroom “Netflix and Chill”-themed Airbnb, located in New York City, is available now for $400 a night. It is only open on Saturdays.

It was designed by Tom Galle, a “digital creative and Internet artist,” in partnership with Art 404, a conceptual art company with a focus in Internet culture.

4. “We’ve been playing around with the idea of bringing a meme to life and offer it as a real experience,” Galle told BuzzFeed.

Kao Cheng Kai / Via

“The Netflix and Chill meme sort of naturally came up as the right subject to build a project around, and the more we started thinking about it the more we felt like we should do this ASAP,” he said.

6. The room includes a fully stocked mini bar.

Kao Cheng Kai / Via

Kao Cheng Kai / Via


7. And an HD projector, and of course, Netflix.

Kao Cheng Kai / Via

All the necessities.

8. The response so far has been a mix of amusement and total disbelief.

Have meme-sex with someone special, under Pikachu's warm gaze. $400.

— willy (@willystaley)

what the hell is this

— Heather Schmelzlen (@anchorlines)

10. The room has had many inquires and one booking so far. Galle said they expect many more reservations in the coming days.

Kao Cheng Kai / Via

Also, Valentine’s Day weekend is still available. Better move fast.

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