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    This Mom Painted Her 7-Year-Old Daughter An Incredible Star Wars Mural

    The Force is strong with this one.

    Emily Rose's 7-year-old daughter has been a Star Wars fan her entire life.

    When Rose's daughter saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens on its opening weekend, the girl immediately fell in love with the character of Rey.

    Rose said the female heroine was a great role model for her daughter. She requested BuzzFeed Life not use her daughter's name for privacy reasons.

    "Here was a young girl learning to use the Force like a Jedi, and flying the Millennium Falcon, and shooting a blaster," she said. "It was amazing, and I was happy she loved Rey, and that she could imagine herself as the hero of the story."

    When they finally found a Rey action figure (after weeks of searching), Rose decided to surprise her daughter with a hand-painted mural of her heroine.

    "Her big brother went on a tirade asking how they could leave Rey out of sets because it made it impossible to act out scenes from the movie," Rose said. "But when she got that toy, she was just so excited, and that put the plan in motion."

    It went over really, really well.

    "Her reaction was hysterical," said Rose of her daughter. "She flattened herself to the wall trying to hug that mural, and cheered with joy, and then flung herself on the floor."

    Within five minutes, Rose said her daughter had her Rey costume on, lightsaber in hand, and was reading Star Wars books aloud to the mural and her stuffed BB-8 and R2-D2.

    Rose said on Twitter the mural was part of the "evolution of a tiny fangirl."

    "She's always loved Star Wars, and now she gets to be a Jedi just like her big brother," Rose said.

    "The Force is strong in our family," Rose added. "And always has been."