Here’s The Insane New Ice Cream Creation Taking Over Instagram


    It seems like there's a new food craze every other day lately, but here's one you're seriously going to want to try: egg waffle ice cream cones.

    It's basically the prettiest sundae you'll ever lay eyes on.

    And yeah, those are Pocky sticking out of it.

    In addition to the plain egg waffle, they also offer matcha and chocolate egg waffles.

    So really, you can't go wrong.

    Oh yeah, and the TOPPINGS. You can get mochi...

    Cereal and fruit...

    Cookies and cream...


    Condensed milk...

    And a fortune cookie.

    West Coasters want to try? Cauldron Ice Cream in Santa Ana, California sells a similar treat.

    In conclusion, these cones are a thing of beauty.

    And I want to shove my whole face in it.

    All of us right now: