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    The Two Women From That Viral Pregnancy Photo Recreated It With Their Babies

    "Two healthy incredible pregnancies and now two healthy baby boys."

    Remember Chontel Duncan?

    @chontelduncan / Via

    Last November, the Australian fitness model shared a photo of herself and her friend Natalie Smith to show how different bodies can look while pregnant.

    The photo went viral, with millions of people praising it for its body-positive message.

    “Each woman carries differently and this most certainly doesn’t mean one is doing something wrong or not healthy,” Duncan wrote on Instagram. “We both have healthy growing babies and we both have had incredible pregnancies so far.”

    Duncan and Smith got back together recently to re-reate the viral photo — this time, with their babies.

    @chontelduncan / Via

    "Two healthy incredible pregnancies and now two healthy baby boys," Duncan wrote on Instagram.

    Smith gave birth to her son, Charlee, in early March. On March 25, Duncan gave birth to her son, Jeremiah.

    Jeremiah was born perfectly healthy, and Duncan's recovery was smooth and free of complications, she said.

    In a post-birth interview on Australian television, Smith said she was "totally shocked" by the enormous reaction to the photo.

    Sunrise / Via

    "[The photo] proves that two people can have two different pregnancies and they’re not the same," she said. "It just proves that it doesn’t matter what size you are, it doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy.

    “It just means that you have two different pregnancies. Just look at Chontel and I.”

    Congrats, moms!