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    53 Things To Do With Your Hands When You Don't Know What To Do With Your Hands


    1. Fingerpaint.

    2. Pet a dog.

    3. Moisturize.

    4. Jazz hands.

    5. Wave goodbye to the haters.

    6. Julienne a carrot.

    7. Do your taxes.

    8. Masturbate with gusto.

    9. Spin a basketball on your finger.

    10. Write a thank you note.

    11. Eat Bugles off your fingers.

    12. Play the air guitar.

    13. Stage slap your worst enemy.

    14. Hold hands with a hot person.

    15. Kickbox.

    16. Tell a secret in Morse code.

    17. Draw a horse.

    18. Solve a puzzle.

    19. Lift weights.

    20. Fix a leak.

    21. Deliver a baby.

    22. Peel some string cheese.

    23. Tie a cool knot.

    24. Wash the dishes.

    25. Push the first button you see.

    26. Write a poem.

    27. Gesture emphatically.

    28. Build a house of cards.

    29. Let glue dry on your hand and peel it off.

    30. Squish some silly putty.

    31. Sing a song in sign language.

    32. Fix yourself a cup of tea.

    33. Clutch your pearls.

    34. Snap your fingers.

    35. Clap your hands.

    36. Play patty-cake with a stranger.

    37. Knit a scarf.

    38. Crack open some pistachios.

    39. Hold a balloon string.

    40. Pick up the phone and call your mom.

    41. Churn some butter.

    42. Join a drum circle.

    43. Make some shadow puppets.

    44. Pick a flower.

    45. Show off your yo-yo skills.

    46. Hold a small, friendly pet.

    47. Read a crystal ball.

    48. Tie your shoelaces.

    49. Do a magic trick.

    50. Make a secret handshake with yourself.

    51. Take up candle-making.

    52. Read a palm.

    53. Give yourself a pat on the back.