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33 Must-Eat Foods From Smorgasburg That'll Make You Hungry AF

From French fry-stuffed burritos to raindrop cakes.

Smorgasburg, Brooklyn's foodie flea market with more than 100 delicious vendors, just reopened for the spring/summer season. Here's what you can't miss:

1. The best mozzarella sticks you will literally ever eat:

2. A homemade Nutella "Ring-Ding":

3. A burrito stuffed with FRENCH FRIES.

4. Fresh-from-the-ocean poke:

5. An egg waffle ice cream cone:

6. A big, delicious pile of sticky rice:

7. A caramelized French toast and pork sausage kebab:


9. S'mores banana pudding, 'nuff said:

10. Maple bacon on a stick:

11. A bubbly, cheesy pesto personal pizza:

12. A birthday cake ice cream sandwich:

13. Karaage (aka Japanese-style fried chicken):

14. A surf and turf burger:

15. A cute little churro cake:

16. A mouthwatering fried chicken and buttermilk biscuit sandwich:

17. Pork mofongo:

18. A whole freakin' stack of gourmet whoopie pies:

19. Yakitori fondue:

20. Short rib that falls off the bone with salsa verde:

21. A vegan, gluten-free ice cream push-pop:

22. Stuffed kimchi pancakes:

23. This stunning sourdough breakfast sandwich with poached egg, cheese, and beet hot sauce:

24. Spicy, slushy chamoyada:

25. Lumpia, aka Filipino-inspired spring rolls:

26. A Chicago-style Italian beef sandwich:

27. A ramen burger:

28. The prettiest summer rolls you've ever seen:

29. Berlin-style doner kebab:

30. Corn in its best form:

31. Shaved snow:

32. A big, scrumptious lobster roll:

33. And a raindrop cake, obviously: