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That Rainbow Bagel Store Has Shut Down "Indefinitely"

The world just got a bit less colorful.

That place in Brooklyn with the awesome rainbow bagels everyone's been going nuts over?

Since then, lines have reached Cronut-line levels.

I would be willing to bet that the people at the back of this line at The Bagel Store will wait at least an hour.

And wait times have been nothing short of insane.

That rainbow bagel that we stood in line for 2 hours and 20 mins. #thebagelstore #rainbowbagel #nyc #brooklyn

Well, it seems the hype got too big to handle, because The Bagel Store has shut down.

Online orders have also been halted.

Fortunately, its Metropolitan Avenue location remains open.

"It's not a mass production, and that's what the beauty and specialty of it is," said LaBarbara.

"It's been really crazy," said LaBarbara. "But good crazy."