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    25 Reasons You Need To Get A Pet Plant

    You better be-leaf it.

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    Mariana Rojas / CC BY-NC-SA http://2.0 // Christina Lan / Buzzfeed / Via Flickr

    1. So, you’re looking for a pet that’s low maintenance?

    2. Apartment-friendly?

    3. And loves all your favorite activities?

    4. You should get a pet plant!

    5. Now, they may seem quiet...

    6. ...but they're really just great listeners.

    7. They play well with kids...

    8. ...dogs...

    9. ...and even other plants.

    10. They love going for walks.

    11. They can be soothing.

    12. And they're great at tricks.

    13. They don't mind being left home alone...

    14. ...but they're always waiting to greet you when you get back.

    15. They hang out with ~fun guys.~

    16. Their selfie game is on point.

    17. They love to play and be active...

    18. Or just cuddle up with a good book.

    19. Whether you're a homebody...

    20. ...or the outdoorsy type...

    21. ...or you're always on the go, there's a plant out there for you.

    22. And while some may seem prickly on the outside...

    23. ...and they usually aren't the best conversationalists...

    24. ...deep down, from their roots...

    25. ...they just want to be loved!

    Fern friends forever.


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