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    7 Gorgeous Gift Card Holders That Cost $0

    Make gift cards seem like the best gift ever.

    1. These envelopes that are about as festive as it gets.

    Amy / Via

    Choose from Santa, snowman, and reindeer.

    2. These animal boxes you'll want to keep for yourself.

    Sonja Egger / Via

    Fool people into thinking you're actually crafty. Folding directions here.

    Available in fox, rabbit, and cat.

    3. These pretty envelopes for the caffeine junkie on your list.

    Pretty Providence / Via

    Available here.

    4. These polka dotted sleeves you can type recipients' names on.

    Kristin / Via

    Because pretty fonts > sloppy handwriting.

    Print the envelope here, plus optional tags to fill in the gift amount.

    5. These holders for people who know ~unwrapping~ a present is the best part.

    Melissa / Design Eat Repeat / Via

    Find the template (and matching gift tags!) here.

    6. This perfect choice for thank you gifts.

    Jen / Via

    For teachers, hair dressers, your mail carrier, or anyone else who deserves some thanks. Get the printable here.

    7. These cute, simple pockets you can use any time of year.

    Delia Creates / Via

    Even better if you print them on colored paper. Available in stars, stripes, and crosses.

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