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    26 Ideas For Throwing The Boozy Tea Party Of Your Wildest Dreams

    It's three o'clock somewhere.

    Julia Reinstein for BuzzFeed / Urban Outfitters / Via

    1. Be clear about your motives.

    Yvonne Ellen / Via

    Show some love for your go-to drink with this cheeky tea set.

    2. Let your teacup do the talking so you can do the drinking.

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    Dainty meets sloppy. Buy it here.

    3. Tell the world.

    withlovelouise / Etsy / Via

    4. Scream it from the rooftops.

    DiLeeCa / Etsy / Via

    5. And always have your favorite recipe close at hand.

    TwistedEnvyUK / Etsy / Via

    6. Turn up for tea time with an Earl Grey-infused gin drink.

    Paul S. Bartholomew / / Via

    7. Or this chamomile honey bourbon cocktail.

    Adrianna Adarme / A Cozy Kitchen / Via

    8. Or this matcha mint julep.

    Alanna Taylor Tobin / The Bojon Gourmet / Via

    (Or all of them.)

    9. And toss in some edible flower ice cubes.

    Sue Moran / The View From Great Island / Via

    10. Serve up a wheelbarrow full of cold beer.

    Laura Christin Photography / / Via

    11. Soak up all that "tea" with some boozy eats, like this doughnut bread pudding with buttery rum sauce.

    Jessica Segarra / The Novice Chef Blog / Via

    12. And these watermelon tequila jello shots.

    Jennifer Lee / Via

    13. And these champagne and raspberry chambord macarons.

    Melissa Johnson / Best Friends For Frosting / Via

    14. And these red wine fudgesicles.

    Emma Chapman & Elsie Larson / A Beautiful Mess / Via

    *praise hands emoji*

    15. Naturally, you'll want to dress to impress.

    ModCloth / Via

    This little number is from ModCloth.

    16. Don't forget the fascinator.

    Suzanne / EyeHeartMe / Via

    17. And choose your weapons wisely.

    Betsey Johnson / Via

    Like this necklace that does double-duty as a bottle opener.

    18. Blurry selfies have got nothing on photos backdropped with carnations.

    E/A Photography / / Via

    19. Tablescape like a boss with whatever's growing in your garden.

    Chris Cooney Photography / Instagram: @chriscooneyphotography / Via

    Can't arrange flowers to save your life? Check out this beginner's guide for tips.

    20. Craft a killer centerpiece.

    White Rabbit Photo Boutique / / Via

    21. Once everyone's centers of gravity are adequately fucked, break out the cornhole boards.

    Emily Steffen / / Via

    Or an Alice in Wonderland inspired croquet set.

    Amber Kemp-Gerstel / / Via

    23. Or Snapdragon, if you dare.

    24. Send guests home with a DIY teacup ring that's cute as shit.

    Geneva Vanderzeil / A Pair & A Spare / Via

    25. Or a bitchin' jar of homemade vanilla rum plum jam.

    Yelena Strokin / Melangery / Via

    26. And definitely some hangover-zapping ginger tea.

    Jo-Anna Rooney / A Pretty Life In The Suburbs / Via

    Your guests (and your stomach) will thank you.