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    26 Ideas For Throwing The Boozy Tea Party Of Your Wildest Dreams

    It's three o'clock somewhere.

    1. Be clear about your motives.

    2. Let your teacup do the talking so you can do the drinking.

    3. Tell the world.

    4. Scream it from the rooftops.

    5. And always have your favorite recipe close at hand.

    6. Turn up for tea time with an Earl Grey-infused gin drink.

    7. Or this chamomile honey bourbon cocktail.

    8. Or this matcha mint julep.

    9. And toss in some edible flower ice cubes.

    10. Serve up a wheelbarrow full of cold beer.

    11. Soak up all that "tea" with some boozy eats, like this doughnut bread pudding with buttery rum sauce.

    12. And these watermelon tequila jello shots.

    13. And these champagne and raspberry chambord macarons.

    14. And these red wine fudgesicles.

    15. Naturally, you'll want to dress to impress.

    16. Don't forget the fascinator.

    17. And choose your weapons wisely.

    18. Blurry selfies have got nothing on photos backdropped with carnations.

    19. Tablescape like a boss with whatever's growing in your garden.

    20. Craft a killer centerpiece.

    21. Once everyone's centers of gravity are adequately fucked, break out the cornhole boards.

    Or an Alice in Wonderland inspired croquet set.

    23. Or Snapdragon, if you dare.

    24. Send guests home with a DIY teacup ring that's cute as shit.

    25. Or a bitchin' jar of homemade vanilla rum plum jam.

    26. And definitely some hangover-zapping ginger tea.