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    This Toddler Became Obsessed With A Terrifying Lawn Owl And Now They're BFFs

    Birds of a feather nap together.

    Meet Sylvie, a 1½-year-old from the Boston area, and Whootie, her beloved owl statue.


    The owl was supposed to be a birthday gift for the girl's father, and he was going to put it on his boat to scare away birds. Instead, Sylvie and Whootie became inseparable.

    The photos of the unlikely duo went viral after Sylvie's uncle, Pat Tobin, shared them on Twitter.

    "Sylvie just immediately became really entranced by it," her mother, Rebecca, told BuzzFeed.


    "She was saying ‘Hi owl, hi owl!' and just wanted to carry it around everywhere."

    And carry it around everywhere she did.


    "She doesn't seem freaked out by it at all, even though it’s clearly kind of terrifying," said Rebecca.

    "It’s almost the size of her, but she likes to pick it up and run around with it," she said.


    "She can't even fit her arms all the way around it."

    Sylvie takes the owl wherever she goes — in the car, to the grocery store, and even to bed.


    Nothing like a nocturnal buddy for a little midday nap.

    “When I wake up in the middle of the night and look at the baby monitor, there’s an owl face staring at me, which is kind of creepy and ridiculous," Rebecca said.


    OH MY GOD.

    "Most people say, 'That thing’s really scary, I’m surprised she likes it,'" said Rebecca.


    But she wasn't totally surprised.

    "She loves owls in general," Rebecca said.

    Pat Tobin / @tastefactory / Via Twitter: @tastefactory

    "We have a bedtime book about owls that she loves, and we read it every night. We also have a lullaby video of an owl singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' that she loves and pretty much watches every night. So I think she associated this owl with those owls."

    Owl friends forever. <3


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