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This Toddler Became Obsessed With A Terrifying Lawn Owl And Now They're BFFs

Birds of a feather nap together.

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Meet Sylvie, a 1½-year-old from the Boston area, and Whootie, her beloved owl statue.


The owl was supposed to be a birthday gift for the girl's father, and he was going to put it on his boat to scare away birds. Instead, Sylvie and Whootie became inseparable.

The photos of the unlikely duo went viral after Sylvie's uncle, Pat Tobin, shared them on Twitter.


"She loves owls in general," Rebecca said.

Pat Tobin / @tastefactory / Via Twitter: @tastefactory

"We have a bedtime book about owls that she loves, and we read it every night. We also have a lullaby video of an owl singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' that she loves and pretty much watches every night. So I think she associated this owl with those owls."