Sonic Is Making Square Milkshakes For Instagram Because The Hipster Apocalypse Is Nigh

    Because normal milkshakes are too mainstream.

    We have a new contender for "Most Hipster Thing Ever" and it's these square Sonic milkshakes. Designed specifically for Instagram. That will be sold exclusively at Coachella.

    Yes, really.

    The "Square Shakes" were created in collaboration with Instagram celeb Christine Flynn, aka "Chef Jacques La Merde," who pokes fun at fine dining by plating everyday junk food in fancy ways.

    And you can only get one through Instagram.

    The only thing that could possibly make it more hipster is if it was infused with kale and judged you for your taste in music.

    I mean, even the cherry is square.

    This is seriously some next-level eating for the Insta.