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This Sephora Minnie Mouse Collection Is Every Disney Lover's Dream Come True

And it's coming this April!!!

If you're obsessed with Sephora and Disney, here's some amazing news...

A Minnie Mouse-themed Sephora collection is coming this April!

Instagram: @minniestyle

It's got the prettiest little Disney details, and the colors are gorgeous.

Instagram: @trendmood1

And obviously it's full of Minnie-approved bows and polka dots.

Instagram: @totalbeautyeditors

The collection will include red lipstick ($15), a set of two liquid eyeliners ($20), a luminizer blush ($22), a set of six brushes ($58), a lip stain set ($26), a compact mirror ($26), and an eye shadow palette with 20 colors ($45).

Instagram: @swatchandreviewcom

Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY.

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