Ikea’s New Indoor Gardening Kit Will Bring Hydroponics To The Masses

Your salad game just got fresher than ever.

1. Ikea just announced a game-changing new product: a hydroponic indoor gardening kit that fits right on your kitchen counter, so even tiny apartment dwellers can grow fresh herbs and lettuce at home.

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The kit, called the Krydda/Växer series, is not the first indoor hydroponic gardening kit on the market, but a spot on Ikea’s shelves could make the once niche activity accessible to a mainstream audience.

“The challenge was to make growing plants in a hydroponics system simple, so that anyone could succeed,” Helena Karlén from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences says on Ikea’s website.

2. And it certainly looks simple. All you do is soak these little plugs in water, lay them in a tray of water, and plant your seeds.

Ikea / Via

Ikea / Via


No soil required.

3. Then give them some sunshine, and watch your cute little seedlings grow!

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4. Once they’re big enough, you replant them in small planters filled with pumice stones and transfer them to another tray.

Ikea / Via

Ikea / Via


5. Then they go in this frame, where they get another drink of water.

Ikea / Via

Quench that thirst.

6. The kit even has its own “mini sun,” so you can garden in any season.

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Especially useful if your apartment is dark AF.

7. Once the plants are fully matured, they can be harvested and eaten.


The kit will be available this April, though Ikea hasn’t said yet how much it will cost.

8. See how it works in the full video here:

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