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    33 Perfectly Subtle Ideas For Your Disney-Themed Nursery

    Look at this stuff. Isn't it neat?

    1. Stick a decal of Peter Pan's shadow on the wall.

    2. Count down till bedtime with a Little Golden Book clock.

    3. Or run on princess time.

    4. Cover the walls in Toy Story clouds.

    5. It's so easy to frame vintage storybook pages.

    6. Display an inspirational quote or two.

    Hakuna Matata print available here. Just Keep Swimming print available here.

    7. Hang this set of silhouettes.

    8. Or this one.

    9. String a DIY Mickey pom-pom garland across the room.

    10. Hang this Bambi-inspired mobile above the crib.

    11. Or this mobile with all the best classic characters.

    12. Toss a bright pillow on the chair.

    13. And a sweet crochet doll.

    14. Or a cute and fluffy stuffed Stitch that unfolds into a pillow.

    Get it here.

    15. Add a Beauty and the Beast lamp.

    16. Or a Dumbo one.

    Buy it here.

    17. Laugh at them for not being able to talk yet.

    18. These Tangled-inspired wall decals are so pretty and subtle.

    19. And Mulan's cherry blossom tree would look gorgeous above the crib.

    20. Show them the way to the Hundred Acre Wood.

    21. Decorate with minimalist Disney movie posters.

    These posters, plus many more kinds, are available in this Etsy store.

    22. Minnie Mouse would so approve of this crib skirt.

    23. Soften things up with an Alice in Wonderland–inspired rug.

    24. Nap on this vintage Disney World map pillow.

    25. Knit a blanket that's straight out of Toy Story.

    26. This Beauty and the Beast throw is surprisingly elegant.

    27. Add an Ariel-approved rocking seahorse.

    28. Floating shelves are a great way to display toys and trinkets.

    29. Like these handcrafted Disney princess peg dolls.

    30. Or DIY these nesting dolls.

    31. Switch on a cheerful night light.

    32. Let them drift to sleep in a crib fit for royalty.

    33. And surround them with words of love.