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    21 Stellar Ideas For An Astronomy-Themed Wedding

    Love you to the moon and back.

    Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed Life

    1. Set the tone with space-y invitations.

    OnlyByInvite / Etsy / Via

    Get them here.

    2. Get married under the moon with the help of a projector.

    Sweetwater Portraits / Via

    Or, better yet, tie the knot in a planetarium.

    3. Guide guests to their seats with a constellation seating chart.

    Max Wanger / Max & Friends / Via

    As long as you can draw a few dots and lines, this would be insanely easy to DIY.

    4. And table numbers to match.

    5. Planets make perfect centerpieces.

    Nony Dutton / Via
    Nony Dutton / Via

    All you need is a ball and some paint to make them yourself. (Moons optional, but aren't they so pretty?)

    6. A giant crescent moon is a stunning photo backdrop.

    Kelly Kollar Photography / / Via

    All you need are a piece of plywood and some spray paint.

    7. Hang place cards in front of a vintage star map.

    Lev Kuperman / Via

    8. Dress your hair in stars.

    Available here and here.

    9. Serve a gorgeous galaxy cake.

    Richelle Dante Photography / Facebook: richelledantephotography / Via

    10. Or this lunar one.

    Florence Fox / / Via

    11. Name the tables after your favorite spaceships.

    Leo Druker Photography / / Via

    12. Blanket the ceiling in starlight.

    Preston Bailey and John Labbe / Via

    13. Hang a banner with all the phases of the moon.

    BigKidBanner / Etsy / Via

    Buy this one here.

    14. Or DIY this star garland.

    Meg Ruth Photo / / Via

    Here's how.

    15. Adorn your cake with a topper you'll keep forever.

    BetterOffWed / Etsy / Via

    Buy it here.

    16. Or go the DIY route with these stellar toppers.

    Rachel/Cortnee / The Chic Site / Via

    Super cheap and easy to make. Seriously. Tutorial here.

    17. Zodiac constellation earrings make a perfect bridesmaid gift that everyone can wear during the wedding.

    arajera / Etsy / Via

    These ones are available here.

    18. Dress up your groomsmen in cosmic bow ties.

    ALittleGeeky / Etsy / Via

    Available here.

    19. Choose a meteorite wedding band.

    SkyGemstone / Etsy / Via

    Get it here.

    20. Or one that's covered in planets.

    Twinklebird / Etsy / Via

    Available here. Also in silver.

    21. And send guests home with some astronaut ice cream.

    Amy McMullen / / Via

    AKA best favor ever.