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    This Girl And A Baby Gorilla Shared The Sweetest Moment Ever

    Friends forever.

    A little girl named Braylee and a baby gorilla named Gus recently shared a sweet moment at the Fort Worth Zoo. It was captured in this viral photo.

    Fort Worth Zoo / Via Facebook: FortWorthZoo

    The photo, which shows Braylee and Gus lining up their hands and staring at each other, was shared on the Texas zoo's Facebook.

    And everyone's hearts basically melted on the spot.


    Gus (short for Augustus) was born on Dec. 5. He is the first western lowland gorilla to be born at the Fort Worth Zoo.

    Fort Worth Zoo / Via Facebook: FortWorthZoo

    Western lowland gorillas are considered "critically endangered" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature due to hunting, disease, and "extremely low" reproductive rates.

    The Fort Worth Zoo "participates in a cooperative breeding program for gorillas that maintains a healthy, self-sustaining population of vulnerable animals to help prevent their extinction," according to their website.

    "As he gets older, Gus is exploring more and more of the world around him, which includes encounters with new friends like Braylee of Fort Worth," the zoo said on Facebook.

    Fort Worth Zoo / Via Facebook: FortWorthZoo

    Primate friends forever. <3


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