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Here's How To Unclog A Toilet Like A Goddamn Adult

Take the plunge.

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Take the lid off the toilet tank and close the flapper ASAP.

The flapper is that little rubbery thing with the chain that allows water to flow into the toilet bowl.The faster you can shut that thing, the less water you'll need to mop off the floor.


And know the right way to use it.

1. Check the water levels first. The bowl should be at least half full. Pour in water if there's not enough. If the bowl is too full, take a deep breath and go get your least favorite bucket.

2. Submerge the top of the plunger in the toilet water. Make sure the drain opening is completely covered in order to create a vacuum.

3. Push and pull the plunger with as much force as you can muster.

4. Once the water starts draining, give it a test flush.

5. Pray.

There are loads of DIY plunger alternatives you probably have the supplies for already.

Julia Reinstein for BuzzFeed // Regan Walsh / CC BY-SA http://2.0 // Walmart / Via Flickr: cool_dry_place

Three or four bags, if you can. Plunge gently so as not to rip the bags.


If all else fails, call your friendly neighborhood plumber.

No shame. 💩