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More Than 600 Corgis Had A Beach Party And It Looked Like Such A Blast

It was so lit.

More than 600 corgis gathered on a beach in Southern California on Saturday for the 13th ever Corgi Beach Day.

@oh_myclementine / Via

And boy, was it magical.

@indy_the_corg / Via

“Everybody had the best time, even though it rained," Kelly McLemore, who organizes the triannual event, told BuzzFeed. "Corgi people are super committed.”

@ladymochacorgi / Via

The event took place on the Huntington Dog Beach, and a portion of proceeds from merchandise went to a local corgi rescue organization.

Whole squads rolled up together.

@mistaarthur / Via

Family members reunited.

@tupac_sha_corgi / Via

And life jackets were worn.

@roscorgi / Via

The costume contest was full of stars, including this stumpy pirate...

@supercorgi_jojo / Via

And this fluffy school bus.

@azukithecorgi / Via

And the winner, who dressed up as spaghetti and meatballs.

@cicikokostory / Via

There was also a corg-kini contest. CORG-KINI.

@corgipartyoftwo / Via

And a talent show.

@poppytheheartbuttcorgi / Via Instagram: @poppytheheartbuttcorgi

One of the winners was Poppy, whose talent was balancing on this pedestal.

And a best butt (aka "momo") contest.

@fluffyzion / Via

Some humans even dressed up for the occasion.

@mycorgisprout / Via

There were corgis digging in the sand...

@babyarlo_thecorgi / Via

And this corgi who tried to surf...

@air_cooper_thecorgi / Via

And a brave corgi lifeguard on patrol...

@harley_the_corgi / @jlinphoto / Via

Which was smart, considering there were some shark sightings.

@furschnitzel / Via

Short, fluffy sharks with big, fuzzy butts, to be exact.

Some corgis went splashing through the water.

@aquacorg / @only_k_photography / Via

Other corgis took naps.

@narathecorgi / Via

Heads were scratched.

@wanderfoodie / Via

Tummies were rubbed.

@sottus / Via

Noses were licked.

@leonardo_di_corgio / Via

And this tiny dog baby made an appearance.

@wonderlandphotographer / Via

Basically, there were a lot of corgis.

@corgipartyoftwo / Via

It was pretty much the best day ever.

@corgi_zero / Via

Until the next Corgi Beach Day, at least.

@kazuthecorgi / Via