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Buy This Wedding Dress Invention For Every Bride You Know And They'll Thank You

♪ Going to the chapel, and then gonna go pooping. ♪

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Going to the bathroom in a wedding dress is no joke.

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You've got to bring in a whole team to hold up your gown, or else risk the consequences. And a little bathroom bonding time with your bridesmaids can be fun, but sometimes a gal just wants to poop in peace on her big day.

Enter the Bridal Buddy, a new invention that allows brides to do their business without any extra assistance.

It was invented by Heather Stenlake, a former bridal shop owner, who found herself wondering, "Why hasn’t anyone thought of something to help the bride use the bathroom without getting her dress ruined or wet, or worse, having several girls in a small stall with you?" according to the website.