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    People Are Instagramming Their Beautyblenders Around The World For A Ridiculous Meme

    Blendin' all over the world.

    If you're not already familiar, this is a Beautyblender:

    It's a makeup sponge that a lot of beauty addicts are straight-up obsessed with.

    Now, everyone's favorite sponges are getting ~cultured~, traveling the world for possibly the most ridiculous beauty meme yet.

    Here's a Beautyblender exploring Venice.

    And checking out Big Ben.

    And galavanting about Disneyland.

    And chillin' in Chicago.

    Lottie Stannard, a makeup artist, started the #BeautyblenderWorldTour meme last year.

    Since then, people have taken their little sponges to the Kremlin.

    And Notre Dame.

    They've gone cruising around Venezuela.

    And they've seen Dubai.

    They've visited Austria.

    And seen the Moulin Rouge.

    And the Sydney Opera House.


    (H/T Cosmopolitan)