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    American Girl’s Third Black Doll Is From The Civil Rights Era And People Think She’s Amazing

    Her name is Melody Ellison, and she'll be available this summer.

    This is Melody Ellison, a 9-year-old girl living in the civil rights era, and American Girl's newest historical doll.

    Melody was created to celebrate American Girl's 30th anniversary—the doll will be available this summer.

    In Melody's story, she lives in Detroit in the 1960s and she loves to sing. The doll's accessories include a recording studio that plays Motown music.

    "I think the doll industry has a very heavy responsibility in reflecting what is true about our society," Julia Prohaska, senior director of global brand at American Girl, told CBS This Morning.

    Melody will be the third black American Girl doll in their line of historical dolls.

    The first is Addy, a Civil War-era girl who escapes slavery.

    The second was Cecile, who lives in 19th century New Orleans. Cecile was discontinued in 2014, along with the line's only Asian doll, a decision that was criticized by customers for the loss of racial diversity in American Girl doll offerings.

    The response has been largely enthusiastic so far:

    American girl has a Civil Rights doll now 🔥

    The new African American @American_Girl Doll is from the civil rights movement and comes with her own recording studio #dope

    And full of hope for the future:

    Can't wait for the Black Lives Matter doll in 60 years

    Though the steep price point hasn't gone without criticism:

    Too bad the new black American Girl doll is going to cost $119.

    American Girl dolls retail for $115, not including additional accessories.

    See you soon, Melody!