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You Will Never Be Able To Stop Listening To This Song

"Rather Be" has been taking over brains around the world since last year. Why would yours be spared?

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This is "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit. It was released back in December and has since accumulated over 73 million views on YouTube.

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It also topped the charts in the UK and has been played over 130 million times on Spotify.

But why is this song so unbelievably addictive? Let's break it down.

First, you're lured in with some absolutely gorgeous strings solos. It doesn't matter who you are. They will touch a piece of your soul you long thought was dead.

Then, Jess Glynne starts singing and enchants you with her effortlessly sexy, jazzy vocals.

While insanely pretty, the whole thing would fall flat without some synth play.

Or some upbeat drum action that makes you wanna DANCE.

And then the chorus happens, with female harmonies that are both chilling and envigorating.

And each line is undercut with some simple piano chords, perfectly fusing classical and modern elements.

And let's talks about the lyrics for a second. And the fact that they can apply to both falling in love or going through the roughest breakup.

In short, it's the perfect song. All of its pieces add up into a compulsively replay-able whole.

Just TRY not having it on repeat.

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