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You Can Now Speed Date A Sarcastic Pug And It Is Glorious

You never knew you needed this.

"Hot Date" is a game where you speed date the sassiest pug you've ever met in your life.

George Batchelor / Via

Designed by 21-year-old London-based game developer George Batchelor (with music by Levi Pack), the game lets you choose from an impressive number of questions to ask this little guy.

George Batchelor / Via

"It was inspired by my one-and-only, Barbarella," Batchelor told BuzzFeed. "We haven’t been on any actual dates (yet)."

George Batchelor

The game, which took Batchelor around two months to make, allows you construct some very specific questions.

George Batchelor / Via

(Some of which would actually be amazing first date questions.)

Which lead to responses that range from the beautifully profound...

George Batchelor / Via the absolutely goofy.

George Batchelor / Via

"Their personalities aren’t based on anyone in particular," Batchelor told BuzzFeed. "I took inspiration from sass all over the world."

Best of all, the pug gives some pretty great advice.

George Batchelor / Via

"Had a surprisingly wonderful response from the game, people all around the world playing it and saying really sweet, encouraging things," says Batchelor. "It’s a weird feeling thinking about that many people playing something I made but also a good one."

Thanks, pug!

George Batchelor / Via

"Hot Date" is available to download here.

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