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    23 Signs You're Jesse Pinkman, Bitch

    "Yeah, science!"

    1. You're easily amused by your surroundings.

    2. And you're not hard to inspire.

    3. You have unabashedly big dreams.

    4. And you can be delightfully enthusiastic.

    5. You can be kind of a know-it-all.

    6. You'll take any opportunity to show off your brains.

    7. And your vocabulary.

    8. You don't let anyone walk all over you.

    9. Because you know how fabulous you are.

    10. And you're never reluctant to ask for things you want.

    11. Because you have your principles and you stick by them.

    12. And you have the best comebacks.

    13. You add your own flair to everything.

    14. Because your imagination is boundless.

    15. Sure, you can be a little clumsy.

    16. Grace is definitely not your strong suit.

    17. And you may not always give the * right * answer.

    18. But you're certainly, er, creative.

    19. You're a pro at handling awkward situations.

    20. And you're an A+ hugger.

    21. You have exquisite taste.

    22. And you have this life thing pretty much figured out.

    23. Basically, you're awesome. Keep being you!