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23 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When It's Summer


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4. "Outdoors"

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Used to mean: A mythical land that possibly exists beyond your apartment walls. Maybe. Who can really say?

Now means: The spectacular thing that makes you question all the time you spent binge-watching Netflix shows in a snuggie.


5. "Forecast"


Used to mean: Something you dreaded looking at for fear of rain, or, if you lived in the East Coast this year, snowstorms on top of more snowstorms.

Now means: Beautiful, 87-degree consistency.


11. "Tan"


Used to mean: A flattering golden hue.

Now means: A standard you desperately try to live up to, but always mess up because a.) you thought wearing a t-shirt was a good idea or b) your skin cannot compromise between "ghost white" and "fire engine red".


14. "Commute"


Used to mean: How you get to work every morning and the subject of at least five minutes of daily conversation.

Now means: The hellish experience that involves bare thighs uncomfortably sticking to leather car seats and plastic subway benches.

16. "Pool"

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Used to mean: An artificial, heavily-chlorinated body of water shared by the community or in a rich person's backyard.

Now means: Something you may have strong opinions about (re: kids peeing in the water) but that you probably will run to the first chance you get.


17. "Beach"


Used to mean: A peaceful sandy shore surrounded by salt water.

Now means: A place you are willing to travel 2+ hours for and have high expectations for every time, despite always worrying about parking spots, blanket spots, and seagull poop.

20. "Instagram"

Used to mean: An app on your phone that you use once in a while to document the events in your life in a pretty way.

Now means: An app on your phone that you'll never stop using because OMG EVERYTHING IS SO IDYLLIC AND SERENE AND NEEDS THE "SIERRA" FILTER.


21. "Mosquito Bites"


Used to mean: The itchy aftermath of a small, blood-sucking insect coming in contact with your skin.

Now means: A grave injustice that you rant about frequently because WHY WHY WHY do mosquitos have to exist? (Like spiders make sense because they kill flies but literally what good do mosquitos do???)