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What's In Your Bag?

It's what's in the Fendi purse that counts.

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This is what the BuzzFeed staff carries in their bags:

"Doing this taught me a lot about myself. Apparently I'm smell conscious (perfume AND guava-scented hand cream, really? Gum AND Altoids?) and that I apparently have an emergency Twizzler on my person at all times. Good to know."

"I was having a really weird shit in my bag day. Pants because I felt like clothing midday but fought the urge. The rest is kinda useful -- gotta have that face cream."

"Batteries, because just in case."


"Why do I need a whole backpack for this stuff? What am I doing with my life?"

"My bag is always a total mess. However, it has the essentials such as a Metrocard, headphones and Chapstick, everything else is a luxury. Also, pretty proud of myself that I have 13 dollars in cash with me, even if the 10 dollar bill is ripped in half.."

"I don't even know why I carry a bag... Or that old envelope."

"Checks, why do I carry CHECKS in 2013? I don't even know."


"I travel light and barely even use the things in my bag. I mainly carry it around for looks."

"Got my adrenaline shot for when Lil Bub or Grumpy comes around; yes, I'm a BuzzFeed staffer who's allergic to cats."

"I carry my student ID (which has a misprint and says I'm a junior) so that I can still get those 10% discounts."

Now, it's your turn! Snap a pic of the contents of your purse/backpack/messenger bag and share them in the comments section!