What Every Girl Is Hiding When Starting A New Relationship

We all live secret lives.

1. Now: You spend half your day grooming so you can stun them with your presence.

20th Century Fox / Via jagweedish.tumblr.com

2. What you’re normally like:

Universal Pictures / Via bloodydifficult.tumblr.com

3. Now: You also have your makeup game totally on point.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via abcfamily.tumblr.com

4. What you’re normally like:

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via drugssexhouseandbass.tumblr.com

5. Now: You’re incredibly conscious of your every movement.

7. Now: You pretend to like bands and movies you don’t actually care about that much.

Paramount Pictures / cliffpantones.tumblr.com

Paramount Pictures / cliffpantones.tumblr.com


8. What you’re normally like:

Paramount Pictures / Via johndepp.tumblr.com

9. Now: You try to eat healthier and may even be a tiny bit weight-conscious.

11. Now: You also play up how athletic and fit you are.

13. Now: You go on elaborate dates and are generally more open to trying new things.

The Weinstein Company / catchingfires.tumblr.com

The Weinstein Company / catchingfires.tumblr.com


15. Now: You try not to text them too often or too soon so you can still look cool and reiterate that you have your own fabulous life.

Columbia Pictures / Via reibertl.co.vu

16. What you’re normally like:

Columbia Pictures / Via cyberqueer.tumblr.com

17. Now: You have to skip out on hanging out with your friends a little more often than usual in lieu of couple activities.

19. Now: You may overlook some minor flaws and not say everything on your mind.

Columbia Pictures / Via exp1ore.tumblr.com

21. Now: You hold in your farts and poops until you’re far away and/or safely home alone.

20th Century Fox / Via jamminontheone-.tumblr.com

22. What you’re normally like:

20th Century Fox / Via misscinemafanatic.tumblr.com

23. Now: You feel fabulous because you found someone who understands you on a new level.

Comedy Central / Via comedycentral.tumblr.com

24. What you’re normally like:

Comedy Central / Via ohitsmax.tumblr.com

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