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23 Ways "Charmed" Was The Most Witchin' Show Ever

YAAAS reboot.

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1. How often the phrase "vanquishing demons" is used.

Especially in casual conversation.

2. Or the fact that they associate with magic folk all the time and hardly seem fazed by it anymore.

3. Phoebe's environmental conscientiousness contrasted by Piper's pragmatic nature.

4. The whitelighters' fantastically glittery entrances/exits.

5. Prue's ability to mask her crazy.

6. Phoebe's flawless dance moves.

7. The fact that the "snippy" dialogue isn't actually that mean at all.

Because they're the Halliwell sisters and they're nice to each other!

8. Coordinated. Pleather. Early 2000s. Ensembles.

The WB/Charmed / Via

9. Actually, all the outfits ever.

Especially Prue's black fishnet tassled SEE-THROUGH skirt.

10. All those times you wondered how Shannon Doherty and Alyssa Milano filmed their scenes together when they loathed each other in real life.


11. The drama. Oh, the drama.

12. Piper and Leo's geeky-sweet relationship.

13. The CGI that makes you weirdly nostalgic and wish it was 1998 and you could be impressed with fireballs and fairies again.

14. Especially when they morph into animals.

The WB/Charmed / Via

15. But actually.

16. The witty lines even in moments of extreme peril.

The WB/Charmed / Via

17. The Halliwells' entertainingly messy love lives because sometimes they date demons or warlocks.

18. That time John Cho's disembodied upper half decided to drop by.

The WB/Charmed / Via

19. Or that time Smith from Sex and the City married Phoebe...and then dropped her???

20. Phoebe and Cole's tumultuous romance that broke and mended your heart over and over again.


21. The fact that everything about this show SCREAMS "girl power."

22. The way this show made you feel things, dammit!

When Piper loses Leo. When Prue dies. Or even just that episode where Paige tries to go back in time and tell her parents she loves them. SO MANY FEELINGS.

23. And the warmth you feel in your heart every time you see the Book of Shadows.

The power of three will set us free!


The WB/Charmed / Via

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