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    24 Things That Happen When You're Drunk On A First Date

    As told by Tyrion Lannister.

    1. When your date suggests getting the fanciest, strongest cocktails:

    2. And you realize you've gotten too tipsy, too fast:

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    3. When you feel your confidence inflate after two drinks:

    4. When you decide to show your sassy side and tease them a bit:

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    5. just told them one of your top 10 most embarrassing memories:

    6. When you end up revealing your whole life story way too soon:

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    In great detail, one might add.

    7. And when you let them in on your most existential thoughts and hope for the best:

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    8. When you have a weird lull in the conversation:

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    9. And you frantically search for the bartender because HELP:

    10. When you feel like you've failed this date and you'll never find someone you'll click with:

    11. When you gradually see that you're actually having a genuinely fun conversation:

    12. And you kind of want to keep hanging out!

    13. When you realize the person across from you is actually really attractive:

    14. And when you see that they feel the same way about you:

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    15. When you walk back from the bathroom, feeling glorious:

    16. And when you try SO HARD to look sober upon your return.

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    Who's stumbling? Not you!

    17. When you find out happy hour was over when you ordered and you are def out of cash:

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    18. When you go back and forth on paying the bill:

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    "I got this." "Let's split it." "No, I definitely got this." "NO, let's split it."

    19. And when the tab takes FOREVER to close and you just need to leave:

    20. When you realize their apartment is only two blocks away:

    21. And when you both rush the hell out of that bar to get down to business:

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    22. When you both wake up surprisingly not hungover:

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    23. When you meet your friends the next day for brunch and exchange your respective date-night deets:

    24. And when you admit that all you needed was a little liquid courage:

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