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    Posted on Jan 29, 2015

    29 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summed Up Meninists

    Ninety-nine problems and a meninist is all of them.

    1. On a more accurate name for them:

    2. On Nemo's troubles:

    3. On the few good guys out there:

    4. On the sheer logic:

    5. On one very important point:

    6. On a minor Photoshop adjustment:

    7. On TV's greatest hit:

    8. On a solid portrait:

    9. On an alarming trend:

    10. On the best autocorrect:

    11. On a new marketing strategy:

    12. On the hidden truth:

    13. On the faces we all make:

    14. On the one Twitter account to follow:

    15. On a major grammatical error:

    16. On the core of it all:

    17. On the one sentence that deserves a mic drop:

    18. On an important parallel:

    19. On the silver lining:

    20. On the infantile behavior:

    21. On the Spongebob joke that just got better:

    22. On the basic explanation of it all:

    23. On the meninist membership:

    24. On a typical conversation:

    25. On an unlikely mashup:

    26. On what we're all thinking:

    27. On an issue with the name itself:

    28. On the incredible irony:

    29. And on the wisdom of autocorrect:

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