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19 Times Lena Dunham And Jack Antonoff Gave You Relationship Envy

(Along with career envy, obviously.)

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1. When they perfected the goofy couple selfie.

2. When they made you completely rethink matching couple outfits.

3. When they turned snuggling into an artform.

4. When they nailed the whole PDA thing.

5. When they hung out with another important power couple.

6. When they supported the same wonderful cause.

7. As well as their fellow peers.

8. When they had matching Facetime poses/color schemes.

9. And when they invited Lamby into their Skype sessions, forming the perfect fam.

10. When they proved they could pull off any and all hats.

11. When they were half of a fantastic kissing train.

12. When they made doing Lena's hair into a real party.

13. When they went to a college dance in style.

14. When they were perfectly in-sync.

15. When they just looked hella comfy around each other, reaching peak #relationshipgoals.

16. And made you realize that solid relationship = consistent cuddles.

17. When Lena rightfully promoted a fan-made masterpiece.

18. When they looked like the most "fun." duo to hang out with.

19. When they were nothing less than flawless.

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