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33 Times Joan From "Mad Men" Was The Boss Bitch You Need In Your Life

"No dull moments or dull men tolerated."

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1. When she offered this sound advice:

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2. When she was DONE with sexism in the workplace.

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3. When she had a very important rhetorical question.

4. When she had no time for other peoples' cluelessness.

5. When she had the best zingers.

6. When she was the best mentor Peggy could ask for.

7. And when she also taught Peggy to treat herself.

8. When she perfected the eye roll.

9. And when she assessed you head-to-toe.

10. When she was the poster child for annoyed third wheels everywhere.

11. When she used cigarette smoke to threaten her enemies.

12. When she listened to Greg's whining with the best "BITCH, ARE YOU KIDDING" face.

13. When she finally gave her shitty rapist husband a much-deserved head whack.

14. And when she delivered some very stinging parting words.

15. When she doled out this nugget of wisdom:

16. When she knew more than you.

17. When she was sexually harassed at work and stood up for herself in the best way possible.

18. When she taught us how to avoid talking to people we dislike.

19. And when she had no time for social niceties.

20. When she was not in the mood for Roger's foolin' around.

21. Or his complaining.

22. When this was her response to "come here".

23. When she refused to take anyone's shit, even Don's.

24. When she got real with Peggy, while also having her back.

25. When she questioned 1960s gender norms.

26. When she called out anyone shaming Marilyn Monroe.

27. When she flawlessly nailed the whole single-working-mom thing.

28. And when she proved she can basically do anything.

29. When even Don Draper didn't try to sleep with her, for one very good reason.

30. When Pete reassured her of her fierceness.

31. And when she had to remind Peggy that she too is a mere mortal.

32. When she knew she deserved more from life than Bob Benson's practical marriage proposal.

33. And when she gave us all a new mantra to live by.

We salute you, Joan.

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