17 Times Cartoons Encouraged You To Be A Feminist

    We have all been taught well.

    1. When Helga questioned gender roles in the 4th grade.

    2. When "Jenny" Bravo called out all catcallers.

    3. When Charlotte Pickles was the best parent ever.

    4. And Phil and Lil's mom's sweater, just like, in general.

    5. When Odette was like "nah, bro."

    6. When Daria's trademark sarcasm was used to its full advantage.

    7. And when this woman showed up wearing this tank top.

    8. When Jake told the Ice King what's what.

    9. When Regular Show got very, very real.

    10. When Mrs. Finster gave Spinelli a dose of the cold, hard truth.

    11. When Timmy Turner's dad posed a very important question.

    12. When Tina had a brilliant revelation.

    13. When Lisa Simpson said this.

    14. And this.

    15. And, OMG, this (!!!)

    16. When Jenny from My Life As A Teenage Robot realized she was beautiful anyway.

    17. And when The Powerpuff Girls gave us this.