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Tinder Guys Unknowingly Answer Carrie's Questions From "Sex And The City"

"Are all men freaks?"

In every episode of Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw poses an important question in her column.

They tend to get pretty ~deep~.

So, I decided to pose some of her classic questions to the men of Tinder. Here are the results:

This guy got right on Carrie's level.

This guy was definitely intrigued.

This dude was Jack Berger in disguise.

This guy ended with Miranda's trademark snarkiness.

This guy embraced Carrie's terminology.

This guy was suuuuch a Skipper.

This guy had some serious Steve vibes.

This dude was into nice people, much like Aidan.

This guy might have out-Carrie'd Carrie.

This guy would definitely make Charlotte blush.

And this dude would make even Samantha cringe.

This guy didn't get it.

And this guy had enough of Carrie's questions.

This dude knew more than he realized.

This guy closed with Mr. Big-level confidence.

...And this guy figured it out.