This Hotel Went All Out And Decorated A Customer's Room With Nic Cage Photos

    Now THAT is some quality service!

    Reddit user hlfempty69 recently checked in at the Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno and asked for a Nic Cage photo on their pillow.

    But then, Nic Cage photos were found on windows...

    And in closets...

    Soon, finding photos of the world’s most memeable actor became more like a scavenger hunt.

    "It speaks to the sense of humor of the staff, and we were excited to share that sense of humor with a guest with a similar humor," Niki Gross, the hotel's manager, told BuzzFeed.

    Great customer service isn't new to the hotel - once, it got a request for a bathtub full of beer, so the hotel filled the tub with ice and a 24-pack.

    A+ work, Whitney Peak Hotel. Nic Cage would definitely lose it (in a good way) over this tribute.