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Posted on Jan 10, 2014

17 Things You're Tired Of Hearing If You're An Only Child

As told by Arrested Development.

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1. “You're too cool to be an only child.”

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Uh, thanks? Not 100% sure what that means but assuming it's a compliment?

2. “Do you like to be by yourself a lot?”

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I don't know, do all people with siblings like to be surrounded by people all the time?

3. "Did you get to do whatever you wanted because you were an only child?"

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Hm, when your parents are only focused on your wellbeing, it's tough to just do everything you want.

4. “Did you get a lot of gifts?”

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Yes, our parents get us triple the gifts you got, just because. Happy?

5. "You're so lucky the attention all went to you."

You want to trade curfews?

6. "Did you have lots of imaginary friends growing up?"

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7. “Were you really sheltered because your parents were overprotective?”

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Help can’t function in life help

8. "Did you only hang out with your parents?"

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Only children aren't allowed to have friends, it's a rule.

9. "Are you really naïve because you never had siblings?"

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Because siblings never play pranks on you.

10. “You must be soooo pampered.”

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Because there's no way people have only children because they can't afford any more, right?

11. "Are your parents super attached to you?"

Families are different, parents are different.

12. “Do you wish your cousins/friends were your siblings?”

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No? Is that bad?

13. “Are you jealous of big families?"

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Yup, brb, gonna go have 12 kids now.

14. "Do you get really attached to people?"

Yes, only children are starved of human contact.

15. "Did you get bored a lot?"

Good thing friends, pets, books, tv and video games exist, amirite?

16. “Would you have a brother or sister if you could?”

Basically: "what would you do if you had a completely different life?"

I don't know, man. I just don't know.

17. "You are SUCH an only child."

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