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19 Things That Happen When Your Parents Discover Snapchat

"Mom, stop screenshotting these."

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1. They'll begin to completely lose themselves in this magical new app.

2. And they'll take their snaps very seriously.

3. You'll start to make your own snaps a little more PG.

4. And you'll have to really watch your language.

5. They'll use you as a canvas for their art.

6. And you'll be surprised by their craftiness.

7. They'll want to share every part of their day with you.

8. Along with some words of wisdom.

9. They'll be really into snapping their reactions at every opportunity.

10. Which means you'll get their snaps at the most unexpected hours.

11. Much to your shock, thirst will totally be expressed.

12. Beloved pets will be the front and center of 99% of snaps.

13. They'll use Snapchat instead of just texting you.

14. Your parents will sometimes team up in one incredible snap.

15. Once they learn the ropes, they'll get more ambitious.

16. They'll feel fabulous at every moment.

17. And you'll see a side of them you've never seen before.

18. And while this will become the bane of your existence:

19. You'll still use Snapchat as an opportunity to thank them for everything.

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