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25 Things That Happen When Your Mom Visits You As An Adult

"Let's clean up your room a little bit."

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1. You both hug like you haven't seen each other in 20 years.

Which may or may not be too far off.

2. And then she inspects you from head to toe.

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If you're wearing a shirt with a microscopic pizza stain on it, she will notice.

3. She immediately has a good look around your room.

Disney / Via

Luckily, you cleaned up beforehand. Right? RIGHT?

4. And, as predicted, she feels the need to help you "tidy up, just a little."

Paramount Pictures / Via

5. She questions some of your life habits, like what you eat and how late you go to bed.

6. She also lightly critiques your posture.

7. And your overall appearance.

8. She quickly decides you MUST go shopping for new clothes, which she'll of course pay for.

9. And she has a detailed list of everything she wants to buy you.

The WB / Via

10. You plan to see all the pretty sights in your area that you never normally go to.

11. And you slowly introduce her to your world and your adult life.

12. But you stop doing your planned afternoon of sightseeing after 30 minutes because she's too tired.

HBO / Via

(And it's kind of adorable.)

13. She meets all your friends, and visibly gets a little nervous about it.

Paramount Pictures / Via

14. And she takes them out to dinner because she wants everyone to be happy.

15. You eat waaaay fancier food than you're accustomed to, because she's got the bill.

16. And she makes sure you have plenty of food left over for after she goes home.

17. Overall, you have some unusually low-key and enjoyable nights of staying in.

Orion Pictures / Via

You question why you don't do that more often.

18. And you feel like you can truly be yourself around her.

19. She gets as enthusiastic as you do about any recent developments in your love life.

Focus Features / Via

20. And she gives you the most honest advice you'll ever get.

21. But she's also there to listen to things you can't tell anyone else.

22. And she shows you that she is always thinking about you.

23. Sure, she reminds you of the things you have to work on, but it's only because she knows how great you can be.

24. You realize you have to keep even more in touch than ever before.

25. And you're already planning her next visit.

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