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    21 Things Only Introverted BFFs Understand

    As told by Daria and Jane Lane.

    1. You can hang out and each do your own thing without feeling the least bit uncomfortable.

    2. And you're oddly always in-sync with what you both want to do in the moment.

    3. You can spend days in each other’s homes without it being weird.

    4. And you’ve seen each other in your most natural states.

    5. You're overall not super huggy, and you don't really flaunt your friendship social media.

    6. And you can share a silence without it being awkward.

    7. When it's just you two, you can also talk and go on tangents for hours.

    8. But in a larger group, you’re both the quieter ones.

    9. And you feel a weird balance when you hang out with that one super extroverted friend.

    10. You generally keep to yourselves at large parties.

    11. And sometimes you have plans that involve going out but then you end up just staying in and watching Netflix.

    12. You both get bored by the same everyday situations.

    13. So you come up with curious activities to pass the time.

    14. And you have awkward memories of each other that you’ve sworn not to tell anyone.

    15. You can go through periods of time without hanging out and know it’ll be OK.

    16. And you don’t get offended if they don’t text you back right away: you get it.

    You both have those moments where you just want to be alone.

    17. Your relationship is based on total honesty.

    18. You always feel free to share your unpopular opinions with each other.

    19. And you connect with each other more than pretty much anyone else.

    20. Sure, your friendship remains a mystery to some.

    21. But you’re just comfortable together, no matter what.